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3 Ways To Make More Money As A Freelancer

The number of freelancers who are active worldwide is increasing rapidly each year and there is no wonder why that happens. Who wouldn’t like to work from home, in front of their laptops, having multiple clients and setting their own work schedules? Yes, that means no boss shouting at you, no limited vacation time and no fixed salary, you can make as much money as you want. Speaking of making money, if you currently struggle with your income as a freelancer, put these tips into practice and you’ll experience a revenue increase in the following months.

  1. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

If you are a freelancer, one of your most precious assets is the simple fact that you can work for multiple clients. Use this to your benefit! Instead of settling for a single client (even if he pays well), there is always someone in this world who would pay you even better for doing the same job. You just have to search for that client.

Another great strategy is to work for several clients at the same time. This doesn’t only bring you more cash, but if some client goes MIA for some reason, you still have the others to work for and your income is not disrupted completely.

  1. Expand your services

The amount of money you can make is usually directly correlated with the number of services you can provide. If you develop new skills, you can expand your services and make more money as a freelancer. For example, if you are a writer and you currently write blog posts, how about learning the basics of e-book writing? There are numerous clients out there who would pay a lot of money for ghostwriting their e-books and you can take advantage of that. If you are a designer, don’t just settle to creating flyers in Illustrator, learn how to make beautiful logos or even design t-shirts!

  1. Contact old clients with a new business proposal

If someone hired you in the past, chances are he or she might need a good freelancer again. This is a good opportunity to reach out to your past clients, say hi, and come up with a business proposal. For example, you can offer your services at a discounted price as a sign of gratitude for hiring you in the past and tell them you’d love to work for them again. If they hire you, you’re golden. If they don’t, that’s still fine too!

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