4 Surefire Ways to Make Money Blogging

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Is making money blogging a nightmare to you? Can I guess one more thing? You have been blogging for a long while now but you see no one feels your message and blogging isn’t enjoyable to you.

Only paining!


That sorry situation needs to come to an end. And you need to change that shit into reality. But how?

You are at the right place. Keep scrolling..

4 Surefire Ways to Make Money Blogging

I want to brief you on how you can earn passive income online through your blog. Many people dream of making money online. But the sad story is; only few succeed and the majority end into pain. Today, that sorry situation has come to an end. I’ll pinpoint a few ways you can turn your blog into a business and become your own boss.

Excited? Read on…

  • Post quality content; it’s said; “Quality content is King”. Yes, be sure to keep your content 100% original, interesting and engaging to catch the attention of your readers. That way, they will keep visiting your blog now and then, wanting to read more. Craft seductive headlines and sub headlines at most 7 words. They make readers eager to read more.


  • Find your niche; this is what you will blog about. Find one niche and build authority around it. Know what you are writing. It’s disappointing to read something you know is a load of rubbish. Be consistent, post regularly, this will help increasing your blog’s readership. In case you can’t find a niche, check out these seven ideas you can blog about.

4 Surefire Ways to Make Money Blogging

  • Sell your services; this depends on what you blog about. If you’re into writing for example, you can become a freelancer. A lot of freelancing websites offer writers this opportunity. You sign up, “usually for free”, find clients, write for them and get paid. The more good you are, the more clients you get. This in turn increases your earnings. This is what I started doing in upwork and peopleperhour. You can see also my crypto articles that I’m writing to one of my Direct Clients (DCs) here. Feel free to hire me. yaay!!! Thank you.


  • Advertise; this is the most popular way of making money blogging. It can be really lucrative. After you’ve built a decent audience in your blog, you can sign up to affiliate programs of different companies and advertise their services/products, then they pay you cool commissions.

4 Surefire Ways to Make Money Blogging

This is just a very basic blog post on how you can earn from your blog. Keep following my blog posts and always make Google your best teacher. He will supposedly teach you two or three things you didn’t know. I wish you the best!


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4 Surefire Ways to Make Money Blogging

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