4+ Things to Declutter For 2019

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2019 is just around the corner, and if you are planning in starting your new year fresh and be closer to a more minimalist lifestyle, then this article is for you. Every new year is the beginning of a new adventure, and we are confident that 2018 was the year you discovered more about intentional living and its benefits. So, let’s make a final effort and get rid of some stuff that we don’t need any more in 2019. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Worn out clothing and shoes

Yes, you need to go through your closet again and be as ruthless as possible. Every piece of clothing with holes in it or that doesn’t fit you properly needs to go. Keep the essentials aka the things that are versatile enough to help you create several outfits, and you will be just fine. Doing so, you will not only declutter stuff you don’t need, but you will also ‘declutter the stress’ of not knowing what to wear every single morning. The same thing goes for shoes. If by any chance you have some pairs that are uncomfortable and that give you blisters, get rid of them. Your comfort is the most important here, so it is no use to compromise that for fashion.

4+ Things to Declutter For 2019

Tip: Maybe some of the shoes ‘from hell’ are still in good condition, and it kills you to declutter them just like that (money don’t grow on trees, we know) – so, find a way to sell them online.

Old/expired makeup and beauty products

Yep, you heard us right… we know that makeup and beauty items, in general, are expensive and we have this desire to hold on to them forever, but we can’t. So, refresh your beauty sanctuary by getting rid of everything that you don’t use, like or it doesn’t suit you and everything that is old. Again, another reason to deal with less stress in your life by having fewer options and actually finding your signature look that will be perfect for almost any occasion.

4+ Things to Declutter For 2019

Cheap jewelry and accessories

We are pretty sure you have in your jewelry box some cheap fashion accessories that you used a couple of times and forgot about them. Those items that tend to leave green marks on your skin just need to go. Keep valuable things that are ten times more beautiful than those cheap accessories and that for sure make your outfits more expensive.

4+ Things to Declutter For 2019

Plastic, paper, seasonal decorations

Other things that you should consider leaving behind in 2018 are plastic and paper bags which you can replace with reusable items and also seasonal decorations that are broken or aren’t that appealing to you. You can always keep those items that have a lot of meaning for you and say ‘good-bye’ to those that fail to tell a story. Dealing with less stuff will give you a sense of freedom and will allow you to have a more organized life.

4+ Things to Declutter For 2019

Of course, the list is always open for other items that stopped having a meaning to you and that you don’t need in 2019 — for example, extra notebooks, pens, clothing holders, dishes, books and many more. These items are so easy to donate to thrift stores or directly to people you know that will use them more than you will do. So, just let go of them, you will feel free as a bird (guaranteed).

Remember, being a minimalist doesn’t mean you need to declutter everything and live with ten things, it means keeping functional things that work for you and that are helping you live a more stress-free life. In time you will find your balance, and you will be able to decide easier what to keep in your life and, most importantly, what to buy. But until then, the Frugal family wants to thank each and every one of you for reading us and for all your support in 2018; and we truly hope that you will be here in 2019 as well.

4+ Things to Declutter For 2019

Happy New Year everyone!

4+ Things to Declutter For 2019

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