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5+ Health Benefits of Lemons You Didn’t Know About

Lemon is one of the cheapest fruits on the market. It’s refreshing flavor and smell makes it a popular fruit drink. However, what if I told you that lemons have the power to transform your body like no other fruit out there?

The nutritional benefits of Lemons

Lemons are a source of vitamins and minerals, essential for your health and proper body functioning. These fruits are a rich source of vitamin C, which is a fantastic antioxidant. The minerals present in lemons are calcium, copper, and potassium. Copper has anti-inflammatory properties. Calcium is great for your teeth; while potassium helps keep the normal pH in the body. A balanced pH promotes nutrient absorption, digestion, the elimination of toxins, etc.).

1 – A better digestion

To improve your digestion, try drinking warm lemon water. Warm lemon water in the morning will make you forget about bloating, constipation or heartburn.

2 – Improves eyesight

Researchers have proven that lemons, due to their high content of vitamin C and antioxidants, can fight against cataract and other eye problems.

3 – Lemons for a healthier liver

Drinking lemon water will help strengthen your liver by supplying it with liver enzymes; while eliminating toxins from the body.

4 – Coffee replacement

Yes; we all love this incredible and magical drink called coffee. Most people say that they cannot function until they had their coffee; we are here to tell you that in fact, you can perform with warm lemon water.

5 – It takes care of your Heart

Potassium controls high blood pressure, while vitamin C lowers cholesterol and prevents blood clotting. Lemon has antioxidant properties that remove toxins and purifies the blood.

How to drink lemon water

Don’t microwave your lemon water because it can destroy its nutrients. To prevent overeating, try drinking a glass of cold lemon water with each meal.

Although lemon water has incredible benefits over your body, it can’t substitute a healthy and balanced diet. Moreover, try to incorporate into your daily routine some exercises that will help you stay energized and younger for a longer period. Read more about Lemon Hacks Here: Frugal Life Hacks

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