5 Best Home Remedies to Help You Get Rid Of the Cold Sores

Cold sores: Home remedies

There is nothing that can cause real pain in any individuals’ lips than cold sores. Let’s first get to know what its causes are before we get on the natural ways to treat it.
According to WHO recent research results published in 2015 approximately 2/3 of people who are 50 years and below that is almost 3.7 billion human beings are infected by type 1 of herpes simplex virus. It means that all those individuals having HSV-1 are infected with a cold sore.

Cold Sore Signs

A cold sore spread usually starts with an itch, tingles or pinch around the nose, on the lip or the edge of the mouth. Within a short period, the site will erupt with painful but tiny blisters which are unattractive. The sores will then weep a bit before they dry up and disappear within a few weeks.
However, you need to be keen not to confuse cold sore to canker sores.

Causes of Cold Sores

Type 1 of HSV virus is transmitted when individuals touch sore fluid of infected individuals on their skin’s small cuts. It can happen through the sharing of things such as towels, eating utensils, makeup, razors or toothbrush and by kissing.

Tips on How not to get or Spread Cold Sores

  • Ensure you avoid direct skin contact with individuals who have visible blisters.
  • Try not to share toothbrushes, makeups, eating utensils or toothbrushes.
  • Ensure your hands are cleaned on a frequent basis before you handle any sick individual, frail elder or baby.
  • Clean your hands with care before you start using serving or food utensils.
  • In case you get in touch with someone suffering from cold sore, ensure you thoroughly clean your body and hands that came into contact with individuals who are infected.


Home Remedies to assist you to get done away with Cold Sores

Currently, we do not have any cold sores treatment that has been discovered by medical practitioners. However, we have home remedies and medicines capable of helping alleviate any signs and assist in reducing recurrence of the virus or outbreak timeline.


This refers to a component contained in most foods and body care products. It naturally constitutes coconut oil making it safe. It can be of great use in helping prevent outbreaks. Ensure you work closely with your physician to come up with the right dosage and ensure you keep an eye on the progress as you use it.

Zinc Oxide Ointment

The zinc oxide ointment is usually applied at the initial sensations of any future outbreak. It is capable of lessening signs and reducing the time taken to heal the cold sore.

The Lip or Salve Balm

It contains a minimum of 1% lemon balm making it capable of providing symptomatic relief.


It is possible for one to use the sunscreen applying it on the face and life before getting outside.

Ice Pack

Applying ice pack directly onto lesions can help lessen the pain.

Several types of research have also revealed that use of aloe vera gel can also assist in reducing the cold sore signs and assist in shortening the timeline of the genital herpes lesions.


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