5 Efficient Home Health Remedies for Your Everyday Discomforts


If you are struggling with a headache or a toothache, the unpleasant smell of sweat or dehydrated skin on a daily basis know that you are not alone. However, you can quickly get rid of these discomforts with a few health remedies that you can surely find in your home. So, let’s discover them together, shall we?

5 Efficient Home Health Remedies for Your Everyday Discomforts

Smelly feet

Yes, we know you take care of yourself, and that water and soap are present in your life, but still, that unpleasant smell is present as well. What remedy can you use to get rid of the smell? Easy. If you apply vodka on your feet, you will get rid of the smell due to the alcohol which works as an antiseptic eliminating the bacteria responsible for the unpleasant odor.


Here is a simple remedy for your trouble. Take a pen and keep it between your teeth when your head hurts. What the pen does is to relax the muscles and help you get rid of a headache caused by stress. If the pain is unbearable, we strongly advise you to visit a doctor.

Bad breath

Did you know that yogurt is a source of probiotics which help in maintaining the balance between bacteria in your oral cavity? Well, that is true. So, the fewer bacteria in your mouth, the fresher your breath will be. So, eat yogurt on a daily basis, and you will not face this problem again.


If you are struggling with painful calluses, using mouthwash a few times a day will be a life saver as it helps to reduce the inflammation while healing the affected area. So, give it a go if you have this problem.

5 Efficient Home Health Remedies for Your Everyday Discomforts


I know sometimes we get this unexpected “session” of hiccups that are becoming quite annoying. So, what can we do? Well, according to specialists you can try to eat a bit of sugar which will help you relax the muscles which cause hiccups. Easy, right?

We do hope that our little hacks will be of help to you and we are curious to know if you have your own remedies that work wonders in the cases mentioned above or any other situations. So, feel free to comment down below and don’t forget to share this article with your loved ones that are still dealing with these discomforts.

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5 Efficient Home Health Remedies for Your Everyday Discomforts

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