5 Habits to Make You More Productive

Will Durant (American writer) once said that “we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit.” I think that we can all agree that not having a routine is tiring physically, mentally and emotionally. This leads us to the question “How do I establish a routine?” or “Will a routine make me more productive in my day to day activities?” Let’s find out together with our next tips if we can achieve that excellence if you can be more productive and have a more healthy and balanced life. Just remember that the world was not built in a day, so taking small steps every day will transform your life and give you the satisfaction you are looking for.

Learn to be positive

Sounds easy right? However, the majority of people are so stressed because of their daily responsibilities and turn themselves into “semi”-robots that the stop thinking positively about things. What we suggest is to start your day with a mantra. Yes, that’s right. Create your mantra which resonates with your objectives and repeat it every day and this will help you be more focused and confident about reaching your goals. I know, I know, this was an easy one. Ok, let’s continue then.

Learn to be proactive

If your day starts with you checking your email or your Facebook, this doesn’t make you a proactive person, but a reactive one. In the first part of your day, you should focus on yourself and your objectives. Reading on social media about a virtual friend crisis or what ‘what’s his name’ did last night will make you focus more on them and not on you. It’s simple. Make your daily schedule, think about a business or something like that and mind about others’ businesses later. (Facebook is not going anywhere).

Read a book

It was scientifically proven that reading has a lot of benefits for your health. Reading can increase your intelligence, the power of your brain, and even the ability to empathize with other people. Plus, reading reduces the risk of Alzheimer. I think that all these benefits are quite a deal. So, even if you don’t have a lot of time, a few pages every day will help you relax, get engaged in the book (let’s hope it’s a good one) and stimulate you (again) for your objectives.

Make a TO DO list

You can start your day by crafting your TO DO list for that specific day. Always focus on the present day. You can use a notebook or your phone (let’s remember to be more environmentally friendly and stop using so much paper ? ) and write down all the objectives you have for that day.

Useful tip: Do not make incredibly long lists. Maybe you will get distracted by other tasks, and you may become frustrated at the end of the day when you find out you missed a few. Baby steps!

Making a list will help you become more focused and responsible and also to make use of those hours in a day to their full capacity.


“Long and thick pauses, the key of great successes.”

No, I am kidding right now. What we’re suggesting is to take several short breaks during the day. This way you will stay focused, and you will not get bored. What you can use is the Pomodoro Technique developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. This technique implies that you set a timer for let’s say 25 minutes to take care of a task and work focused on it until the alarm rings. Then you can take a 5-minute break to relax. Repeat this process 3 times and take a 15-minute break. By using this technique, you will be able to finish a 40 h task in about 16,7 h (impressive). The most important thing to remember is to focus only on what you have to do.

Hopefully, you found our tips useful and maybe you will incorporate some of them into your daily life.

Let us know in the comments if you are already using some of these techniques and if they work for you. Of course, you are free to add to our list new interesting habits that work wonders.

And don’t forget… sharing is caring!


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