5 Things You Don’t Need to Be Happy

Happy Life

We are sent into this world as complete human beings, without limits and ready to live a happy life. Do you think that what we’ve said is not enough? Do you have the impression that there are some conditions to be fulfilled to be happy? Well, think again. Today we are ready to prove to you how easy is to live a full and happy life if you forget about a few `impediments.` Curious? Then keep on reading.


A lot of friends

As we grow older, we understand the importance of being happy and the opportunity to be surrounded by `the best of the best.` In other words, when it comes to friends the saying `quality over quantity` is crucial to have a happy life. Keep around you the kind of people you feel comfortable to share your happy and not so happy moments. Those who are next to you no matter what are the ones to keep.

Others’ approval in everything

I am sure that most of the times you felt comfortable and at peace when others agreed with you in all sorts of situations. But doing this constantly, asking for their validation, can become quite exhausting and useless. You should always rely on your intuition and be the master of your life. Don’t let others tell you otherwise.


This is one of the most dangerous traps one could fall in his pursuit of happiness. Some people tend to say that `they will be happy when…` – What is that? What if that certain thing will never happen? Will you be miserable for the rest of your life? Nope, unacceptable. You do not need a certain thing to happen; you need to fill yourself with positive energy, flexibility and the desire to move forward no matter the obstacles that may appear on your way. Happiness is just that, overcoming everything, and you can do it no questions asked.


5 Things You Don’t Need to Be Happy



As they say `can’t live with them, can’t live without them.` Well, money can be of help, or they can harm you very much, it does depend on the context. It is ok to wish for yourself and your loved ones to live better, to have more money, but it is dangerous to make an obsession because of them.
The thing is that money can buy material things but not feelings. Sooner or later you will discover that you already have everything you want next to you – and we are not talking about credit cards.

A stress-free life

Well, you will find this surprising, but specific studies found out that short-term stress has some benefits in our lives. For example, it increases immunity, improves the way our brain functions and keeps us motivated.
Realistically, we cannot live a stress-free life, but we can adjust our attitude to critical situations and face them with dignity and an open mind. Just remember, try every day to find the best version of yourself.

So, as you can see, with the proper mindset we can overcome a lot of unpleasant situations and find the strength and motivation to be as happy as we can. Focus on what is important like your family and closest friends and the only tears you’ll ever cry will be the tears of happiness.

5 Things You Don’t Need to Be Happy

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5 Things You Don’t Need to Be Happy

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