5 Uses for Repurposing Old Jeans You Never Thought Of

Let’s face it, we all have more pairs of jeans than we wear. We’re all guilty of hanging on to that pair that’s too small, has holes, or just isn’t fashionable anymore knowing full well we will probably never wear it. It’s taking up space in your closet and it’s time to go. The most obvious option is shorts, but if the jeans don’t fit or look cruddy anyway there’s no point in that. Avoid planters and anything that is going to include water as jeans are fabric which can rot and mold. They look pretty for a short while but can introduce dangerous molds into your house so avoid those.

Instead, choose one of these ways to liven your house up using old denim in ways you never thought of.

Make Pillows

Denim throw pillows? Sounds awful. The key with denim pillows is not to use a single color of denim. You want to add interest by sewing shapes together or adding accents with the denim so it’s not just a single boring tone or consider using a bleach pen to draw designs onto the denim before you sew. Avoid doing the typical “pocket” or “buttons” as this stops it looking classy and makes it look like a reup. This works perfect for colored denims especially and there are many tutorials on how to make denim flowers or denim letter cut outs that can be stitched on top.

Denim Poof

A poof is pretty much just a large floor pillow and it’s easy to make since you’ll need strips and small pieces to create the shape anyway, perfect for jeans that maybe have holes to cut around or leftovers from other projects. You can essentially quilt your denims together and then make the poor or follow any pattern and cut as you go. This is another great idea for multiple denim tones.

Woven or Rag Rug

Rugs are something you can always use. Whether it’s getting out of the bath, standing by the sink, or putting it in the dog’s bed a rug helps add a homey touch. To create interest look at weaving or rag making with the denim. A weave will need to be edged and sewn but you won’t need any other fabric while a rag rug will likely need backing. An alternative is to create denim “yarn” by tying strips together and crocheting a rug with them – but you’ll need an awful lot of spare jeans if you’re going that route.

completed denim rug made from recycled denim

You can actually use the same crochet concept to make almost anything. Denim “yarn” is bigger and thicker than most so it won’t be suited for everything but if you look at projects made with “plarn” (another upcycle but using plastic grocery bags) you should be able to make the same concepts.

Pot Holders

One of the more unique ideas, most of us remember seeing home made pot holders as kids but the trend now for silicone has made these less visible. Denim is a good sturdy fabric which makes it perfect for potholders and you can use the large back pocket as a slide for your hands.

old denim 36

Wall Art

Denim as art? Why not! Denim can be glued, stitched and patched together into any number of shapes as long as you’ve got something to mount it on. Consider using craft letters, distressed wooden boards, or a large canvas and create your own designs. Use multiple colors of denim just like you would for the pillows and the mod podge it down. You can also use them to make a wall organizer by cutting out just the butt and pockets and sewing them to a sturdy wooden coat hanger.


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