6 Body Building Tips for Men

Any man can start bodybuilding regardless of his age. However, 18-25 is ideal since testosterone hormone in men is at its peak. Like any other art, bodybuilding needs consistence for one to appear fit and muscular. Here are simple tips to acquire that muscular shape.

Modify your diet: You are what you eat. For bodybuilding, eat carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins and vegetables. But wait! Consume proteins in large proportions, 1-1.5 grams per every pound of body weight every day. Foods like animal meat, milk and fish are ideal. Eat after every 2-3 hours and you’ll feel the difference.

Do cardio and body weight exercises: Set aside at least 30 minutes every day to perform cardio and body weight exercises. These are the right choices for body building. Dumbbell press, lat pull ups, bench press, etc. are perfect. Don’t expect results by walking, swimming, squatting, etc. Those are for older men.

Know your weakest muscle groups: Knowing your weakness helps you prioritize which group of muscle to exercise first. This in turn brings body balance. So, you do not look odd. Always exercise the strongest and developed muscle groups last to prevent overgrowth. Doing this, you’ll feel awesome.

Give yourself enough rest: We do not grow by eating or exercising but by taking enough rest and sleep. Set aside an interval of 3-4 days of rest between body building exercises. Rest for 2 hours every afternoon and take 7-8 hours of silent sleep during the night. That way, your muscles will amazingly bloom.

Avoid shortcuts: These are methods to fasten your muscle growth. Be it drugs, lifting heavy weights that do not match your body weight or taking too much calories. These will end up deforming your body shape which isn’t the aim. Do not work out frequently either. Give your muscles a rest! They can’t build in a day.

Do not work out alone: Finding a gym is important. Men’s inbuilt ego is that, it performs better when under someone’s eyes. In a gym you’ll meet people with the same goal as yours. This will give you a pat on your back. However, knowing your limit is important.

Try these simple tips and give me feedback in the comments after a while. Meanwhile, I’m also training so hard here to become too heavy to be kidnapped in the busy city I’m living.

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