7 Minimalist Life Hacks

Since minimalism has become a thing, it was impossible for people all over the world who embraced this lifestyle not to start sharing their ideas on how to save more time and money and enjoy life better. If it wasn’t obvious, this is also the idea of our article today. All the tips we are about to share have been tested, and we can confirm that they work!

Do you want a simplified lifestyle? Do you want to be more energized and productive? Then keep on reading as this article is for you.

A. Clothing

–    Pick a color scheme for your wardrobe

If you don’t want to be overwhelmed anymore about all the items you have in your closet, you need some serious organization. Pick a color scheme like cool, warm or neutral tones and get rid of the rest. This tip helps you match your outfits easier and, of course, reduce the clutter.

–    Hang up your clothes

By hanging up your clothes, it will be easier for you to see all that you have and to pair them faster. But on top of all that, your clothes will be easier to iron. This means more time for you to focus on other activities that you like more.

–    Borrow or swap

One simple way to stop purchasing new items and clutter your wardrobe and life is to borrow clothes or to swap them with friends or family. If you have a sister or a cousin of the same size as you, give it a go.

B. Digital

–    Stop using so much paper

We live in a digital world. We have easy access to everything on our phones. So why keep on supporting the destruction of our environment by using paper? Move everything from bills, invoices, etc. to your phone. This way you are clutter free and organized. Oh, and you have more oxygen to breath 😊

–    Library & e-readers

If you need to read a book or a newspaper, you can always go online to do so. Instead of going out and buying a new book which will eventually end up on your shelf ready to collect dust – go to the library and borrow it. Or, if you have an e-reader, buy an e-book. The idea is to reduce the number of items that you bring into your home. Items which eventually you will stop using, but their presence will stress you out.

–    Turn off notifications

Daily we are bombarded with all sorts of notifications; maybe they are e-mails or just comments via social media. If you are working or sleeping, turn them off as they are a source of distraction and stress. You can always respond later to e-mails or comments. Remember that your resting time is more important.


–    Don’t window shop

We all have been there. You know, walking down the street and randomly entering a store and go a bit crazy. Stop doing that. Stop wasting your money on things that you don’t need. If you enter a store, make sure it was intentional. Make sure you have a list, and you stick to it. Moreover, don’t go bargain hunting as you will end up with things you never really wanted or needed just because they were on sale. This type of lifestyle will never help you achieve your goals, and if you are here, reading this, we are pretty sure you have some goals that seem hard to achieve, and you need some ideas and help.

Minimalism is not that hard, and it is not some punishment for consumerists. In essence, it offers us a list of tools to live a more healthy and stress-free life. Start slow. Think about our tips and see which ones suite you. See which ones you want to try and just `Do it! ` At the end of the task analyze how you feel. If it feels good, you are on your right path. So, keep on going.

Save your money, save your time and start doing more of the things you cannot buy (we are sure you understood our message here).

Good luck!


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