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America’s Next Top Model Cycle 24 – Finally it’s Equal!

Any fan of fashion has watched ANTM. After Ty Ty bowed out we all thought the show was done. In fact, it was done which is why now that the queen of slay is back so is the show’s popularity. Rather than having the same format that America’s Next Top Model has had for the last 23 seasons the producers had to come up with something new – enter cycle 24. While we’ve had all girl seasons, all boy seasons, all plus seasons, they’ve always pitched contestants against similar ones. When they started making the shows mixed boys and girls that changed things up a little but the newest cycle is doing something never seen before – pitting plus models against the “normal” runway models.

Can it Work?

Plus modeling is “in”, the fashion industry states that any model over a size 4 is considered plus, but for most women that is still an unachievable size. They want to see real women modeling which means models like Tess Holiday (a robust size 26) are the current fashion craves. Cycle 24 is taking advantage of that which is why there’s such an emphasis on variety and real women. This season is about judging contestants for their skills on the catwalk, not the size of their hips.

In theory, it can work, however by bowing to the pressure to include plus in fashion are they not giving them an unfair bias? By saying that the current fashion catwalk isn’t good enough or diverse enough isn’t that putting the regular models at a disadvantage? Why strive for the perfection of fashion if fashion is being forced to bow to the masses? The fact is that high fashion isn’t supposed to be mass fashion, it’s supposed to be that unattainable perfection we strive for and by making it accessible it loses the mystique that makes it so special.

While it might seem biased, as a plus woman I know I’m not fashion model worthy but I also know that those clothes would be horrible on my shape and not for everyday wear anyway. Simply put, I can admire that $3000 jacket on a skinny model and admire the fashion of it while knowing it would look awful on me. Do they have to make a plus version to fit me? No, because I know I have clothing that suits me better for my shape that they may envy (ever seen a fashion model with boobs?) and it’s a different type of fashion. I don’t get mad that men’s clothes aren’t made with space in the hips for women so why get mad that haute couture meant for skinny runway models isn’t for everyone?

Will it Save ANTM?

That being said, it’s a good thing for the show, at least for now. The problem ANTM has encountered is that every season is the same. The same judges, the same sassy stuff from Tyra, and the same model drama. While reality TV is about drama, the fashion industry is meant to be revolutionary which is why this show has fallen short. While I enjoy watching it, I doubt we’ll get more than another season or two before it’s benched. This is “The Simpson’s” of reality TV, it’s been on forever, and while it’s a great way to bring fashion to the masses the masses are no longer interested in watching skinny models parade in outrageous designs then be made to cry because they weren’t “fierce” enough.

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