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Baby It’s Cold Outside! Adorable Winter Coats


Since most of the country is under winter advisories and even those that are not know a cute coat is always an essential during the winter months. Which begs the question…what’s in this season?

While shorter coats and the “just black” are on their way out this season, you can always find a fun way to still accessorize it and keep it in season by adding a little pop of color…say scarf or fun pin.

If you are looking for something new and in-style this season then look no further, here are some great options to add to your closet!

The Long Coat

Length, length and did we mention length is in. How fun…pair it with your favorite pair of jeans or trousers for the completely casual “I’m just heading to the grocery store” or the “I’m ready to conquer the board meeting” look. Whatever your day looks like, here are some great options for you to check out. If you are in one of those cities that where the white stuff seems to stay for months, you just may want to look at this adorable long puffer jacket by Free People, it’s got some cute color options of olive or rose and is sure to keep you warm and comfy. Want to add a fun pop of color with some length? Then Etsy has a great option for you that has the words wool, princess and long to describe it! Plus just look at the adorable cut on this coat, it’s sure to make you feel like Princess Kate! Is it technically winter where you live, but that means it dropped into the 50’s? Well then let’s look at this great options that will still keep you warm, because let’s face it 50 is cold when you hit 100 every summer, but these will also keep you fashionable too. Dress Lily has an adorable option for only $33 or check out this adorable white option from Floryday that won’t break the bank at $69.

Vintage Coats

Who doesn’t look at fun vintage coat? Good thing 2018 is blasting it back from the past. Here are a couple of fun options for you to look at from the fun print to the colored fur and faux fur there are plenty of options to keep you in style and fabulous. NewChic has a fun Chinese printed coat with a great collar that can be paired with black pants or jeans to finish off your look. Light in the Box has a great faux fur coat in your basic brown. Is it a punch of fun color that you are looking forward to during the dreary day? Check out this fun faux fur coat from Make Me Chic that mixes some great colors that are sure to put a smile on your face.

Other fun options

The good news is 2018 has a bunch of options to keep you looking glam, if these don’t appeal to you some other fun coats to look for are military style, glamourous, belted, leather fitted and camel coats. Whatever you choose, stay warm and let’s dream about what fun fashions the spring will bring…it’s almost here! Don’t forget to send us a picture of your favorite winter style coat, we love to see what everyone is wearing!




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