Best Ways to Save Money This Summer

save money this summer - Best Ways to Save Money This Summer

Summer is a time when everything happens. Festivals, outdoor events, music, food, it seems like you’re constantly spending money to do things you want. It’s the most expensive time of year for most of us but you can make it the most affordable ever if you’re smart about it. Saving money over the summer can be tough which is why you need to follow these tips if you’re going to do it.

Go Outdoors

Simple being outside is totally free. If you have a bike then cycling or hiking are both free activities that let you actively enjoy the outdoors without spending a penny. Depending where you live many national parks allow swimming in creeks and waterways which is also free. There’s lots to do outside which doesn’t cost a penny. If you’ve got a bike and you’re staying local to run errands consider riding your bike there for an added gas saver.

Free Events

Look for events that are free entry. If you can go for nothing then bringing your own water and snacks means you won’t need to spend anything while you’re there. Free events are everywhere and range from kids activities to concerts and more. You can also check out some of the places that are opening near you over the summer as they too may have free stuff going on to celebrate.

Best Ways to Save Money This Summer

Turn up the AC

Yes, it’s hot and miserable, but setting the thermostat at 75+ can save you significant money over the summer. It’s estimated that for every 5-7 degrees you’re willing to raise it (depending on outside heat) you can save 10% of your bill. In fact, setting it below 72 can jump your bill up hundreds of dollars if you live in an area which gets really warm. Consider getting some fans instead of running the outdoor unit as these use less power but will help cool you a little to offset the difference.

If you live in an older house consider looking at your insulation. Reinsulating an old house may save you money in the long term, especially in the attic.

Best Ways to Save Money This Summer

Swap the Oven

Everyone knows cooking with the oven gets hot and this drives your AC bill up further. If you can avoid using your oven in summer it can save you a reasonable amount too. Swap your oven for a slow cooker or the grill and you’ll avoid heating your home while trying to cool it at the same time. Don’t forget to consider cold meals like fruit, sandwiches, salads, and cheese plates which won’t need electricity to cook at all.

Best Ways to Save Money This Summer

Bring Refillable Water Bottles

Summer makes you sweat so you should be drinking more water, but how often are you guilty of buying bottles of water when you could have just brought a refillable bottle from home and filled it up as many times as you needed? Refillable bottles are not just good for the environment but they’re really good for your wallet in the long term too. This is also a trick that works great for airports where a single bottle of water can cost $3 or more! Pick up a water bottle fruit infuser and kill two birds with one stone. Stay hydrated with well needed nutrients.

Best Ways to Save Money This Summer

Best Ways to Save Money This Summer

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