6 Cell Phone Hacks Everyone Should Try

For all the teens and young adults, we’ve compiled a list of cell phone hacks that one should try. It’s important to know them as they come quite handy on different occasions.

Use your Phone to Hide Important Stuff

Whenever you go to an event, it’s not important to take all your gift cards and credit cards with you. Simply hide some cash and essentials between your phone and phone case. They’ll be secure, and you’ll avoid any pickpocketing as well as we mostly have our phones in our hand.

Sticking the phone in the sandwich bag

Whenever you go on an outdoor vocational activity, have your phone in a sandwich bag. You’ll be able to use the buttons and other features as they are accessible while saving your phone from dirt, mud and even rain. It’s certainly a win-win situation however it may look a bit odd to a few people.

Optimize your background for emergencies

It’s a good idea to have a background wallpaper with your name and a contact number for emergency cases. You can simply type in the details using a notepad and take a screenshot of it. Put that screenshot as your wallpaper, and you’ll be quite safe.

Screenshot Travel Directions to Save Battery

Most of the complaint about how short our battery life is and how quickly it drains out. Well, in case you’re traveling it’s important to play smart. Screenshot the travel directions on your phone and simply turn off the internet. It’ll save you considerable battery life that you would have been wasting on the GPS. You can refer to the photo taken to get to your desired destination.

Taking a Picture via your phone to save the trouble

There isn’t any greater frustration to lose your car during rush hours after spending quality time at a restaurant or bar. It’s the last thing that anyone would want when they want to head home and take a nice shower. So to avoid all this, you can take a picture of a landmark where you parked so that you can locate the parking spot easily.

Screenshot Online Windows for Later Use

Music festivals are famous for having bad reception especially when you need it the most. Therefore, it’s important to take a screenshot of all the important info on the online window. Therefore, if you lose reception, you’re still able to access the information for later usage.

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