Choosing an Investment Handbag

Louis Vuitton totes - Choosing an Investment Handbag

It’s been in the news plenty that you’re better off buying a Birkin than a gold bar. It’s no secret that fashion, especially high fashion, keeps it’s value over time. While that knock-off might look good for a season it’s not going to get the grandkids through college. Some Birkin bags are worth as much as six figures! Here’s the things you need to look at when choosing an investment handbag.

Invest Wisely

Some brands are more famous than others and some will be worth more. A Birkin, for example, is worth more than most Louis Vuitton because they are more exclusive and because the initial investment cost is higher. It’s a good idea to look at some vintage fashion sales and see what brands have consistently sold rather than banking on one of the already known big names.

Evaluate your Budget

Not everyone can afford an investment handbag. That bag isn’t going to earn you anything until it’s sold, so can you afford to put away money into an investment that may not mature or that may take decades before it’s worth selling?

Find a Color

Colors can be difficult because they change season to season. What is popular now may not come back again for decades or it may be back every year. Choosing an unusual color or one that is hard to find will increase the bag’s value and make it more desirable to collectors.

Find the Materials

Leather ages better than fabric. Over time the materials will become fragile so choosing leather will protect your investment handbag longer than a canvas or cloth bag. I have a Dior saddlebag for example that is essentially trash because the canvas is falling apart, something that wouldn’t have happened if I’d had one in leather.

Try It

While it’s important to remember your investment handbag needs to be pristine to earn you any money upon resell, there’s nothing wrong with trying it. You have to like your bag, you can’t just buy a bag and hope that it will sell. If it’s not a nice bag now it’s not going to be a nice bag then either. Buy a design that is classic and looks good.

Take Care of It

Caring for an investment handbag isn’t hard. Common sense comes into play a lot such as not wearing it everywhere and storing it inside the dust bag and box. Keep your leather properly treated and moisturized when necessary, and don’t spray perfume or other chemicals on the bag. Avoid sunlight and water as much as possible as this can fade the colors.


Choosing an Investment Handbag

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