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Creating ways for children to save ?

As parents we handle the day to day needs of the family; doing the shopping, paying the bills, making meals, cleaning the house, etc…

Some of us choose to get things done on a routine, like a task list, and leaving no room for others to help.

Others are very good at creating chore charts for their children and having them participate in the understanding of the “family duties.”

Which on are you? I have to say that I’m the one with the task list. I always like to just get things done vs. telling someone or showing someone how to do it – the right way ?

When we choose this way I know I’m doing my children a disservice.

My youngest loves to go through the grocery store and searching the coupons on my Kroger app I love this app because I’m not very good about carrying those paper coupons with me. I’ve tried to be the avid coupon cutter, but I fail each time so this app is a lifesaver!

What will my daughter learn by shopping with me?

  • We don’t have to pay full price
  • We can save money
  • The value of what we have – it’s our money and not just something that comes on the plastic card at check out lol

The understanding become clearer when it’s their money they are spending and not yours.?

So how about those chores? Head over to Pinterest and search “kids chore charts” There are a ton of great ideas listed here! I’ve tried a few myself when my girls were younger. They LOVE them!

Determine a way they can earn some money that fits your family the best. Have them create several jars, for example we have; savings, spending and church and we have a set percentage of what goes into each one every time they earn money.

It’s amazing how much “LESS” spending they do once they fully understand it’s now their money that they will hand to the checkout representative and that it’s now less money they will have. It’s all about perspective.

It won’t be long before they start shopping online too, so be sure they know about Ebates or BeFrugal!

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