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Fashion Basics: What Every Man Should Know

Looking immaculately flawless requires some extra effort. If you don’t have a hint about fashion, fear not as we’ll guide you through the basics so you may look effortlessly fashionable.

Perfecting Your Tie

Not all of us have to wear a tie to work every day however it’s a staple of class in men’s wardrobe. A little practice and repetition will help you perfect your tie. Then you’ll be ready to go to an interview, wedding or any formal event with your friends or family.

Fitting Your Shirt

Most men dread finding a fit shirt for yourself as they believe it’s too much hard work. Quite honestly, you just require two basic measurements for a perfectly fitted shirt; neck size and sleeve length. Having these sizes will minimize any tailoring required on the body of the shirt afterward. Measure your neck size by placing the measuring tape around your Adam’s apple and place two fingers in between. As for the sleeve length, bend your arm at 90 degrees and place it on your hip. Take the appropriate sleeve measurement along your outer arm to your wrist.

Having a Fit Suit

A man in a sloppy suit can turn off any woman as it proclaims unprofessionalism. Also, having the perfect suit ensures respect and attention from others. People will respect your authority and opinions.

Your suit jacket should hit the broadest part of your chest and lightly go down along your shoulders. It should limit your movement slightly however it shouldn’t be a tight fit. The top and middle button should be closed but remember that it shouldn’t pull. The bottom button should always remain open, and the sleeve should be conservatively just till your wrist. Your suit pant should fit nicely and don’t rip from anywhere. Pay more attention to the waist and seat area.

Owning an Analog Watch

Analog watches won’t go out of fashion for long. It’s a fashion statement that is here to stay for some time. It will help you enhance your personality and up your style only. The choice of watch entirely depends upon you as the collections are quite massive.

Applying Cologne Correctly

Overdoing fragrance can certainly be a turn-off diminishing your personality. Apply the cologne at the pulse points where your body releases heat such as front and back of your wrist. Also, you should spray at the front of the shirt before leaving the house.

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