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Fixing Thirsty Hair, A budget Dry Haircare Routine


The last pot of hair goop I bought was $47. Forty. Seven. Dollars. It was great, but with hip length hair it lasted less than a month and that was while being frugal. Unless I want to shave my hair short, I need a cost effective routine that I can do regularly to keep my hair thick, shiny, and strong. Haircare starts from the inside out, but with so many expensive products out there and stylists telling you salon brands are better it can be hard to choose.

Are Salon Brands Better?

Generally yes. Just like make up you’re paying for quality ingredients. Retail stores may have old product or out of date products, or stuff that is even a knock off version. Buying from the salon means you’ll get top quality and pay top dollar. You don’t have to be resigned to this though. Most salon brands do have certain ingredients in common and often you can buy that ingredient in a bulk amount cheaper than buying that salon product.


I remember when Plexus came out I saw so much info about their hair growth pills. People were AMAZED at how much their hair grew by taking these. I’m always interested in stuff like this because my hair doesn’t grow fast. After I read the ingredients I started laughing. Every person who knows how hair is made knows it’s essentially strands of keratin protein and a few other minerals. The product was nothing more than a combination of keratin and biotin. Biotin is the leading hair growth supplement because it’s directly used by the body to produce skin and hair. It’s $6 in a generic supermarket bottle, it’s $40 from Plexus. Supermarket brands are often the exact same item as the brand name, they’ve just saved the money by having generic packaging. Buy the $6 bottle. Biotin helps your hair grow faster and stronger when you take it regularly and will improve the composition of your hair.


Ask any black girl and she will tell you how much her hair is dry. Most girls use a combination of cholesterol, oils, cocoa butter, and heavy moisturizers to make their hair manageable. White hair is thinner and usually not as thirsty but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a page from her book. In fact, I definitely use products marketed for African American hair, I just use them differently. My favorite brand is Olive Miracle. It’s cheap, it smells nice, and it works. I actually prefer Africa’s Best but my other half says I smell like a dirty hippy so I can’t use it at home. Olive miracle is nothing more than pure olive oil though which got me thinking…..what do I have in the cupboard?

Coconut oil is my favorite to use on my hair, but it’s simply not moisturizing enough for me. While I love the all natural appeal it still leaves my hair ends frizzy and dry. Olive oil is better but it makes my roots greasy.

Instead of using the oil permanently I use it as a treatment. When you wash your hair your hair often loses moisture thanks to the products you put in to clean it. By using oil first you’re protecting the natural oils and stopping it from becoming so dry during the washing process. Oil and shampoo become an emulsion which helps keep more of the oil in your hair while still cleaning it. I comb the oil through my hair the night before I want to wash it, braid it, wrap it up in a cap or rag then when I’m ready to wash in the morning I simply spend an extra few minutes making sure the oil is properly rinsed.


Hair masques are another pricey thing. I love them, but I can’t afford them so I make my own. If you don’t have colored hair then buying Bentonite Clay is a good way of getting rid of chemicals like smoke or pollution from your hair but beware, it will react with chemical colors. For those who have natural color you can use a combination of things. Mayonnaise, eggs, avocados, and bananas are by far my favorite mix. It even smells good while you’re blending it. Once a week I mix it up and cover my hair. I use a plastic wrap instead of a cap so it doesn’t seep. After 2 hours I rinse it out and then apply a deep conditioner. The eggs contain cholesterol, the avocado and mayo has oils, and the bananas are full of potassium and other vitamins which are good for your hair. I might spend $4 on ingredients total and I’m not being skimpy like I would with a $40 hair product because I’ve got plenty to use.  You can also find hair mayonnaise in the same haircare section as the oil above and that smells better.

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