Frugal and Live Well?

So we get this question often. Can you be Frugal and still Live Well? Well, yes!

Being Frugal is not about being cheap. It’s about learning to make money and spend less of it. It’s about finding ways to save money. And, if you do have to spend – it’s done wisely. Comparative shopping. Finding the best quality, delivery, service and cost for your budget.

Many people want to Live Well. But compare their lifestyle to celebrities – rich & famous. So they over extend themselves with costly purchases well beyond their means.

I’m not talking about everyday purchases. Most people have their buying habits under control in that arena.

I’m talking about Fashion, Skincare, Beauty. The superficial world of EGO. ID

Name brand designers, the finest of the finest, the best of the best.

How do these things wind up on YOUR credit card?

Take this for an example and lesson from me. I was once a Procurement Professional, so I really know how to Shop. I recently got engaged and thus so, needed to make some purchases out of the ordinary. There are many people like me who actually hate to shop in store. I prefer to comparison shop online first. It gives me an opportunity to plan out my budget and eliminates spontaneous “I’ll just get this one and get it over with” or “This is exactly what I wanted” (available at 3x the price!)

First – A casual Summer Outfit for Engagement Gathering
Criteria: Cherry Blossom / Floral Theme

Which would YOU choose?

Next the Ring. That was a little tougher, not something you can do all online, so we went to our jeweler. We went through his inventory and selected a gorgeous setting we both loved. It was in budget with one exception. The stone. I had my heart set on a peachy pink diamond, but I had done my research and found another natural gemstone. Morganite. Named after JP Morgan, this Gem comes from Beryl and is available in light to dark peachy pink hues. Exactly what I’m looking for. A one carat Morganite is $300.00 where a Diamond is $3200.00 and a pink Diamond is way more.

Second – The Ring
Criteria: No costume jewelry, 14k white Gold with real Diamonds & Gems

Which would YOU choose?


$1850.00 Custom Made

So, you see, with a little research, armed with knowledge, your bucks can go a long way. You CAN be in style and live well while planning out your future. Live long!

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