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Get Your Side Hustle On – Side hustles that actually pay!

Everyone is trying to make extra money. It seems no matter how good your job the pay never goes far enough, especially if you’re younger. For most of us, a side hustle or second job seems like a headache or even less time to do the things we want. A good side hustle is one that doesn’t take up a lot of your time but still pays your bills.

The biggest “side hustle” scam is coupons and surveys. Often you’re making pennies so it will take you forever to actually get any money from the effort.

Passive Income

Most investors will tell you about passive income or money you make in your sleep. The idea behind this is that you invest or create a way to make money without actively doing it. For example, stock market stocks, or writing an ebook. Since you only have to make the investment once or write the book once every time it sells you’re making money without doing anything. Passive income is the number one way investors make money “on the side”. YouTube video tutorials, cash back cards, amazon affiliate links and such are some of the more common ones.


Blogs are big money. There’s a lot of reasons your blog can be income. You can be an affiliate, with links to products you endorse or review. Brand ambassadors get paid and get products. You might even get sent products which you can then sell on after “testing” them. Another reason a blog can be lucrative is that it can be used to promote those tutorials or how to videos on YouTube so you’re doubling your audience.

Use Your Skills

Everyone has something they’re good at that they do for free. Love baking? Offer to make cakes and cookies in local yardsale groups. Repair computers? Do the same. A side hustle you’re already good at but others charge for is perfect because you can offer a cheaper “amateur” price. The exception of this is any job that requires a license or training such as tattooing or photography. You also need to be careful with food products because of allergies, contaminants, and keeping food spaces clean.

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