To gym or not to gym…what is the real question?

pexels photo 209968 - To gym or not to gym...what is the real question?

More and more people are jumping in on the “get healthy” bandwagon these days! This is great! We should all be taking care of what we have, whether it’s exercising or watching what we eat.

So if you are a beginner to the fitness craze, where do you start? Do you join a gym or do you find one of the many alternatives?

To gym or not to gym...what is the real question?


Let’s take a look at your personality and maybe things will become clearer:


  • What does your budget look like?
    • Do you have $20-50 to invest in a gym membership?
    • How about $20 and under?
    • Or nothing extra to spare?
  • Do you have exercise experience?
    • Can you walk into a gym and be prepared with a routine?
      • If not, most gyms give you a basic tour and maybe even a free workout with the trainer.
    • Would you need to hire a trainer to give you the basics?
      • This could run an additional $25 per session
  • How about your personality?
    • Do you like to workout with others around or in groups?
    • Need a partner to motivate you to even leave the house?
    • Looking for that time “in the zone” all by yourself?
    • Are you self-motivated?

To gym or not to gym...what is the real question?


These are great deciding factors for you as you make your decision.

  • If your budget fits and you need a lot of encouragement, you may be a good fit for the gym and/or a group that meets at the park.
  • If your budget is a little tight, but you still need some motivation, jumping on some of the online fitness websites may be good for you to do with a partner.
  • If you enjoy just getting into the zone, the gym is great! Grab your headphones, put something that will kick you into gear and kill that workout!

So, pick something and join all of us in this “get fit craze!”

To gym or not to gym...what is the real question?

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