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How to Design an Appropriate Wardrobe for Yourself


Designing your wardrobe will help you reflect your unique style in your clothing. It tends to give a person more comfort and confidence. Although designing a wardrobe seems quite intimidating, in reality, it only requires some creativity and skill. Custom clothing can never go wrong and will always make you stand out from the crowd. So take the reins in your own hands and don’t let the fashion industry dictate you.

We’ve listed down a few essentials that you’ll need for designing your wardrobe.

Essential Drafting Tools

To make your sewing patterns, there are a few necessary tools that won’t cost you much. Rulers, curves, and paper are absolute necessities. Also, you should have a commercial “fitting pattern” that will be used to make alterations. Brown craft or freezer paper should be used with a measuring tape and a pencil. Remember that paper scissors and fabric shears aren’t the same things so purchasing both of them is essential. Lastly, you’ll need a light colored, lightweight fabric that will be sewed and altered to give your design a final look. We’ll recommend muslin fabric.

Taking Appropriate Body Measurements

To fit your bodice perfectly, it’s important that you take appropriate measurements of your body. Using the measuring tape smartly and at the right places will determine the perfect fit. Therefore learn how to use the tape correctly before making markings or guidelines onto your dress.

Using Fitting Patterns

The fitting pattern will act as a basic block for your design. Although it might seem boring, however, it’s a key step to creating your wardrobe. You’ll be making the appropriate adjustments to the basic pattern giving your design a base look. It’s important that you put in extra effort and time to cut and sew your muslin because that will determine the fit of all your finished designs. Sew the bodice and sleeves separately and combine them at a later stage.

Lastly, remember that the key to creating custom clothes is to find the perfect fitting. Hence, you should spend considerable time on that. Also, for finishing touches, you can take inspiration from different places. However, don’t solely replicate designs as it’ll limit your potential to express yourself. It takes practice to design your perfect wardrobe so don’t get demotivated if you tend to fail a first few times. With consistent effort, you’ll perfect the skill!

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