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This Years Makeup Trends – Avant Garde

Every woman in this world wants to be admired, appreciated and praised. A woman looks more beautiful and trendy if she wears makeup according to her skin texture, occasion, place, and outfit. The actual art is to know the right technique of applying makeup.

If you are in search of what the latest trends of makeup in 2018, then you are at the right place. Here we go to tell all beautiful ladies about the best makeup trends in 2018. Have a look below:



Bright eyeshadows are back in town. Along with black, blue eyeliner is prevailing in 2018 for bright and defined eye makeup. Some of the options you can opt for eye-shadows are:

  • Get a Charcoal Touch: Apply heavy eyeliner with dark charcoal eyeshadow. You can go as bright as you want.
  • Smoky Eyes with Pink, Plum and Blue Eyeshades: It is not necessary to get the smoky eyes with the black color always. You can play with the bright colors of shocking pink, dark blue or plum. Apply pink color of the eyes and dark blue or plum near the outside instead of black.
  • Mint and Lime Green are In: To get a bright look that is instantly noticeable, apply mint green eyeshadow. Another option is using lime green on the lower eyelid and dark green on the upper eyelid. This combination is perfect for a party look.
  • Light Eyeshades: When we think of light makeup, pink color comes to mind instantly. But a twist is that light purple is also now in fashion in 2018 if you are about to wear makeup for a low profile gathering. You can make a combo of pink and purple as well. Apply pink close to the eye and purple at the top of the eyelid.


As far as lipsticks are concerned, 2018 is bringing glittery matte lipsticks and other wild shades. This year will be glitz and glam everywhere. Shimmers and lip-glosses over matte lipsticks will also be the makeup trend in 2018.


A few years ago, no one knew the highlighter concept in makeup, but now no makeup artist can imagine doing makeup without using highlighters. Along with many others, you must try out Rihanna’s gold highlighter to make turns head towards you in any night party. For ultra-highlighted skin, 2018 will see some amazingly different highlighter shades, for example, holographic violet pigment.

Sequins glitter and gems:

New makeup trend in 2018 is to apply sequins, glitter, and gems near eyes area using glue for that Avant Garde Artist Look.  It is the latest trend which is going to rule in 2018.


Magnetic Eyelashes are all the RAGE!


And don’t forget the Eyebrows!

Experiemnt with a few of the Trends at Once. Do not overdo it. Create a simple elgant look for the occassion.


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