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How to be a Modern day Treasure Hunter

There’s something nostalgic and even romantic about finding treasure. Modern day treasure costs a fortune to find, just ask any salvage company. If you’re looking to hunt for treasure yourself there are lots of ways to do it. A lot of “treasure” is what you value rather than having monetary value. For example, you might think your grandmother’s dishes are old and worth a fortune, but really they were mass produced and worth nothing, but the emotional value is much higher.

Treasure hunting is something that you have to determine why you want it – are you looking for money or historical value? Huge gold finds are almost unheard of and many hunters spend their lives looking for items without ever seeing them. In fact, most people in the industry will tell you that they do it for love not money because it’s very unlikely you’ll ever find anything of value.

Watch Others

Start by deciding what sort of treasure hunting you want to do. It’s not as exciting as Indiana Jones or National Treasure by a long shot. Programs like Salvage Dogs, Time Team, Shipwrecks, and archeology channels will all give you an idea about how real, every day treasure hunting is – usually slow and with lots of mud.


The DIY approach to treasure hunting usually means one of two things – either you’ll need to learn to “mudlark” or buy a metal detector. Mudlarking is an old English term for scavenging on the shore line. Often you need a license for this because of erosion and the potential for an important archaeological find. You’ll also need permission on the land you’re on if you want to metal detect. Depending on your location the landowner may also be entitled to a portion of whatever you find.


Salvage comes in two forms – either you’re looking for a sunken ship, or you’re re-purposing old items. Both require lots of training and licensing because you can end up in dangerous conditions and handling dangerous items. For example, old houses can have mold and old ships can have chemicals on them. This is why you need training and licensing in the form of an apprenticeship from people who are already in the business. Salvaging ships always requires licenses, backing, and equipment because it’s dangerous so you need to find someone experienced to train you first.


The country is scattered with mines and sites that welcome treasure hunters. Check out this Top 10 List from USA Today


Check locally. Pennysaver or the Treasure Hunter will have classifieds with great local finds.


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