My Niece Gave Me a Rock…

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Welcome back to Reality! How was your Holidays?

Mine were Great! I don’t know about you, but each year there are 2-3 months in my life where I go into a VOID. A place where I’m obsessed. I’m Shopping. Thinking. Planning. Budgeting. Thinking some more.

That time is always Christmastime. For me, it actually starts right after my Birthday in October. I’m a great planner & shopper. I make my list. Do comparison shopping & off I go.

This year, I did some great personal Gift Baskets & Groupon’s. I must say, I think they were a HIT!

My Niece Gave Me a Rock...

Did you get everything you wanted for Christmas? I sure DID!

My favorite GIFT?

My Niece Gave Me a Rock...

My niece gave me a ROCK. Not just any rock. It’s not a Pet Rock either. There’s much more to it & I wanted to share this short story with you, as we approach a new year, new resolutions & new transformations.

I recently got engaged. We decided to keep our ceremony small & intimate. I’m not going to bore you with the details, but one interactive part of our day was the exchange of wishes. As part of my centerpiece (I was going for Zen), I had included worded inspiration rocks.

My Niece Gave Me a Rock...

I had always been into rocks, minerals, gems & the like. From the time I found a Crystal in my backyard to learning about Runes and Chakra. That died down many years ago and resurfaced when I went RING Shopping. See my Post about Morganite. Anyway, my passion re-triggered this year. I didn’t explain much to anyone then, I didn’t want them to think their Aunt Pookie Bear was a total kook.

So, I put the Rocks on the table as part of the Centerpiece and asked my Family to select one they “WISH” for us and one they ‘WISH” for themselves (future). Got some weird looks, but we had a lot of Fun.

Now, I’m fairly close with BOTH of my nieces, one is slightly younger than the other. The niece I’m writing about just Graduated from College and is still pursuing her Dream (going for her Masters/CPA).  So, she’s usually pre-occupied with other things (usually studies, make-up, designer shoes or her boyfriend).

My Niece Gave Me a Rock...But, I guess it made a lasting impression on her. And, the rock everyone thought she’d go for – she didn’t.

I recognized right away, based on her selection, that she was a lot deeper than anyone thought. (We all thought she would select money/riches).

FAST FORWARD: So, as I’m opening the Christmas Gift, she squeeks, ‘I’m gonna have to explain!’…….. No explanation was necessary…..

My Niece Gave Me a Rock...

I got ‘it’ right away, but I let her tell me about Where and How she found it. And the “Why” and how it “TOUCHED ” her….. It “SPOKE” to her.

What touched me the most, was the sentimentality of it. It’s a Spiritual thing when someone connects to you or something you did. What’s more to add to this story is that, as I had mentioned, I had recently resurrected my passion for Minerals, Rocks and Stones. It’s like she knew or had something to add to it. I had been drafting an article for another of our blogs ( where I was going to discuss further;

  1. Finding balance
  2. Karma
  3. Crystals & Stone powers

I guess, you’ll have to wait to see how this changes my inspiration for the article, but the main point here today is:

It didn’t matter how much money she spent on the gift. It was the sentiment that made it … oh so special.

So, as you enter this new year…remember ‘You’ll never Walk Alone.” Whether you are religious or spiritual, just know that what you Seek, you will Find. And, if you’re Lucky, it will find you!

As for my niece, she’s one sharp Cookie! Keeping my eye on that one!

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My Niece Gave Me a Rock...

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