Pajama People

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The Benefits of Working from Home

If you’re like us, one of the Funnest things to give and receive at the Holidays is Christmas socks and Holiday Pajamas. It’s become a Holiday tradition. But, there really is a class of society, known as the Pajama People.

Pajama People

When it comes to making money or working from home, we all Dream of doing it. It usually starts out after you’ve been out of school. Have done the dressing up, commuting, working the 9-5 er. Sure, you love what you’re doing. But, when it comes to thinking about recreation, family or retirement. You start feeling dread. How am I ever gonna live my life? Saving for retirement for age 65?!  Then, what do I get? 5-10 years to live my life after that? That doesn’t make any sense. Does it?


The curious and strong willed begin searching. For a way out? Something better.

Don’t be fooled from those online scams promising you’ll be sitting on the beach with your iphone making thousands of dollars per day for one low cost program. “Watch this video and buy it now!” B.S.!

Pajama People

Listen to the Pajama People.

We are the ones that have found the next step outta that Corporate burnout. We have found the ways to wake up, sip our coffee, listen to our favorite music. Do a few hours here and there, make our money, then get dressed and head out in Life to do some things. Shop, Travel, Fish, spend time with Family, Read. We have the balance. Health, Happiness and Livelihood.

Pajama People

We haven’t quit on our Dreams. We are still living and saving for Retirement. We travel. We are smart enough not to fall for scams. Have vetted and found ways to earn and save money from home. We socialize. We are on network social media. We DO talk to strangers. Hit like, share and read as much as we can.

We just don’t “have to” rely on an employer. Adhere to schedules or commute.

Truth is, for us, there is no such thing as “Retirement”, per say. Retired people never stop thing of their assets. Saving and making money to Live is inbred. Inherent. The last place we wanna be is at age 70 working in Walmart or sitting home at age 71, rich as can be watching Dr Phil all day. The mind always needs to be stimulated and working. Find the balance now.

Pajama People

Stick around, see how many Pajama people you can find. Talk to them. They are you and me. You see them at Walmart. You can be and do anything you want. You can get to the beach and work, but just don’t let anyone know! They won’t believe you!

Online stores, Affiliates, Writers, Friends Referrals, Couponers, Telecommuters, Stylists, Personal Shoppers, Tech, whatever your interest. There is a way. Continue reading our articles about Working from Home…

Saving Money, Making Money.


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Pajama People

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