The Penny Story: In God We Trust

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By: The Penny Lady

Early on in my life as a child, we were very poor. My mom didn’t work and my grandma shopped at thrifts stores and found frugal ways to obtain things. We did our own laundry by hand on a washboard, made huge vats of stews for family meals, spent our recreational time in public parks or playing in the yard. I didn’t have alot of toys or personal belongings. But I did have a penny jar. Where I saved whatever little money I earned.

The Penny Story: In God We Trust

One day my uncle noticed my collection and told me “ya know, there are some pennies worth more than others?”. He told me about wheat pennies. From then on, I started trying to find and collect them.

Many years later my grandma passed away. Then my other grandma passed away. She too, was from the old country and saw value in everything.

Suddenly, everywhere I went, pennies showed up. On the street, bouncing off counters at the register, etc. I thought it was strange. I picked them up and took note of the year and checked to see if there was anything unusual about them. Went home and threw them in a jar, to later cash them into a coin machine for paper money.

One day I read a story very similar to mine. It was about In God We Trust. The US Treasury puts those words on all our US Currency. For good reason I suppose.

It reminds us to Trust in God and he will Provide. I guess that was my Family’s Way of Reminding me to be Humble and Trust God and myself in all I do.

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The Penny Story: In God We Trust

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