Grunge and Post Apocolyptic Fashion

Postapocalyptic Fashion and Steampunk Style 5 - Grunge and Post Apocolyptic Fashion

Fashion really does have a 30 year cycle. At the beginning of the 90’s “grunge” fashion was in. The fading 80’s left us with ripped denim, baggy clothes, unmatched colors, and (heaven help) neon. It was not a great time for fashion, and a recent episode of Project Runway brought back the fact that Grunge 2.0 might just be happening for 2018. And even beyond Grunge/Punk Fashion, Post Apocolyptic Fashion!

For everyday wear: Whether we like it or not, mom-jeans are back.

Out with the Skinny

Last year every fit was skinny or super skinny. Denim was all about long straight lines whether you were male or female, and the tighter the better. Even curvy lines brought in skinny versions for people to stuff themselves into, whether it was flattering or not; and the horrible fact is that most people shouldn’t wear skinnies. There were even some horror stories about people having the circulation cut off to their feet their jeans were so tight. While some people might be sad that the skinny is gone, at least it had a great shape.

Grunge and Post Apocolyptic Fashion

Enter The Mom Jean

Mom jeans, as they are affectionately known, have a tight and high waist, low and straight hips, and a straight, baggy leg. There is nothing “sexy” about them in shape. The idea is that by ripping, tearing, patching, and customizing these fashion faux-pas we can bring the 90’s back again and make grunge cool. All the things that teenagers did to try and make them cool the first time round the fashion industry is now doing for consumers. And they’re buying it. Designer rips, even slashes, and perfectly tousled edge cotton is no more. People want paint, color, patching, and anything that makes jeans look like they have gone through hell so that you pay attention to the “fashion” of the jean rather than the awful mom-jean shape.

Grunge and Post Apocolyptic Fashion

The Good

The one good thing about this is that mom jeans make the perfect high waist shorts. If you can pull off the shape, once this fad is over you can simply snip off the worst of it, and you’ll have some cute shorts.  Custom jeans certainly aren’t unusual, but the way they are being customized is what brings back to mind the grunge styles of years gone by. The good thing about grunge this time round is that what it’s being paired with still makes for a great outfit. No more do denim jackets have to be over-sized, now they’re tailored or fitting, different denim to the bottom, and less likely to be covered in spikes. The Converse are the same, and so are the band T shirts but what’s grunge without a comfy pair of Chucks?

The New Trend

If you watched Project Runway All Stars, Episode 2, you got a glimpse into the newest Trend that stems from this Grunge look. Contestants were challenged to take Grunge to the next Level. Distress the Apparel as if your Model survived a catastrophic event. An explosion, nuclear or volcano and just emerged from it and still had to attend that Big Event. (Zombie Fashion).

Zombie Fashion has taken the Country by Storm with the Introduction of the Walking Dead, with Fashion moves out of Camo and into War mode.

Grunge and Post Apocolyptic Fashion

On Runway, they were given blow torches, sandpaper, scissors, tape, paintball paint, bleach and went at it. Some struggled with the fact that they created such beautiful, high end pieces ad then had to destroy them.

Grunge and Post Apocolyptic Fashion

While others had no problem having fun with the concept.

These are things you can do at home to any old garments you have. However, we say, leave the burning of garments to the Professionals!

Grunge and Post Apocolyptic Fashion

With a little Creativity, you too can make your own Trending Look….Grunge and Post Apocolyptic Fashion


Grunge and Post Apocolyptic Fashion

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