Replica Make Up – Cheap but dangerous


Have you seen the new Blood Sugar palette from Jefree Star? I saw it and wanted it, I saw the price and cringed. Make up is expensive, especially if you want palettes. A single palette can cost you upwards of $50-70, and you might only use it a few times. Make up is supposed to be thrown away after a few months if you don’t want to risk your skin from bacteria and other grossness. So you’re spending a fortune on something that you’ll have to throw away soon enough.

The Cheap Option

Enter the replica. Most people have looked at knock off bags or imitation jeans that were “close enough” and a quarter of the price. It’s tempting, and many people do choose to buy the knock off version because of cost. If the real Anastasia Beverly Hills palette is $48 and the identical looking knockoff online is $12 you can certainly see the appeal. Dollar store and cheap brand make up is awful, it’s one of the reasons most people only use it in an emergency. Quality brands give you more pigmentation, better colors, and better ingredients. You’re paying for the quality but you’re also paying the mark up on the name brand as well.

Have I bought replicas? I have. I even liked one of them. Rarely are they anything close to the real thing. They’re often not shimmered, the packaging may be printer wrong, brushes aren’t the same quality, and they’re probably not great for my skin if I was to look at the “real” ingredients, but fortunately I rarely break out.

The Ingredients

This is the number one reason that replicas are cheap. It’s not just about the amount of pigment or the quality of pigment, it’s about the fact that there’s very little regulation over what really goes inside. Consumers have complained about gasoline, additives, and even industrial waste products making their way into these replicas as filler. Even if you don’t have sensitive skin, this stuff can make you go blind if it comes in contact with your eyes. While you’re saving money, you may be actively hurting yourself which will end up costing you more in the long run. The most popular “ingredients” so far found include gasoline, e.coli bacteria, urine, and arsenic. Gross.

And that’s not all. Small shards of glass, metal flakes and plenty of other bacteria have been found.

Asides from the brand, you’re paying for your safety when you purchase a name item. You’re paying for the fact that everything has been tested, approved, and overseen so that you have nothing to worry about with that product. You know you don’t have to worry about getting e.coli from your make up unless you’ve been using it for 3 years without replacing it. The people making the replicas aren’t worried about your safety because you have no way of determining where the product came from since it’s made to look like the original. There’s no label underneath showing where it really came from so there’s no reason they can’t use subpar ingredients because the worst that can happen is that you ask for a refund. Even if you get it, ten more people didn’t and that more than paid for the cost of your palette.

While replica’s have their appeal, don’t do it. I’ve lovingly looked at the one palette I really liked and am going to go buy the real one. I like the color set enough that I can justify it. And for the record, Sephora gives you a sample of ANYTHING to try at home, not to mention there’s a huge amount of sites with “copycat” products which still come from reputable brands.

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