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Setting R U M B A fiable Goals for 2018

Have you made Resolutions for the New Year 2018?

Well, many Americans do. And more than half of all resolutions fail. Here’s how to identify the right resolution to improve your life, create a plan on how to reach it, and become part of the small group of people that actually successfully achieve their goal.

Set R U M B A fiable Goals.

RELEVANT – Set goals that are realistic and obtainable. Outline small steps that will lead you to the end goal in a way that works with your time and commitments.

UNDERSTANDABLE – Be specific about the goal. The more specific it is the less likely you are to deviate from it or blame something or someone else for not having achieved it. ‘I am going to write a business plan’ is an ambiguous goal! When will you start, stop, what will you do? None of these has been answered!

MEASUREABLE– Goals should be set for things that are meaningful to you. The steps taken should be Measurable. I will accomplish this next week. This next month and the final step in 6 months. So, if you miss a deadline, it’s on you!

BELIEVABLE – If you don’t believe it can be achieved how will you achieve it? How will you be able to persuade and influence others about what you are doing? Inner belief is key… Look for examples that underpin your belief (past successes, your level of determination, etc)

Example: I believe that with the right support (specify what that might be; resources, etc) I can develop my goal and achieve success.

AGREED – Who will your goal affect? Will it impact loved ones, work colleagues, friends? If so you want to involve them from the start and get their support. Ensure that they are people who really care about your desire to succeed and who will encourage you, not deter you. ACCOUNTABILITY is all on you! If you are waiting for someone to help you achieve a specific step or sub-goal and they are not delivering, find someone else. You’ve got a Goal to achieve!

When you set goals in this way you are leaving little to chance, setting out clear actions you need to take, identifying the resources you require and lining up the support you need to get over the finishing line. And why wouldn’t you want to do that?!

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