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How To Start Your Own Online Business

Lots of people work online these days. Freelancing and setting your own hours so you have a flexible schedule has a lot of appeal. It can even be a second job. An online business means not having to pay rent or a storefront fee because you’re often working from home or anywhere your computer is. There’s lots of different businesses that work online and you can get started with only a few clicks.

Before Starting

Before starting any business you’ll need two things – a business license and a tax ID. Both of these allow you to legally conduct business and receive money. You may want to also invest in something like QuickBooks to make your taxes easier. Your local courthouse can issue you a business ID and the tax number forms can be sent online.


Fulfillment by Amazon is a way of not having to store anything either. Amazon stores your product, they’re listed on their site, and you’re only responsible for sending them in, and reviving the money! It’s a great way of being able to stock bigger products or a large inventory without having to give up your garage. You’ll have to pay them a small fee, but with a few clicks and an Amazon seller account you’re already done!


Etsy is for creative people or people who want to sell things they’ve made to a specific audience. This is as simple as make your product, have an account, upload images, and wait for people to buy them. You’ll still need to do your own marketing but you can pay to promote your product so it receives higher search ranking.


If you’re a creative person or you have some marketable skills that can be done remotely freelancing allows you to reach all over the world. Graphic design, vinyls, web coding, writing, and many more skills can be found at online marketplaces. These are like message boards where people sell or advertise looking for talented people to do their jobs for money.


The Internet is a great place to share your knowledge. YouTube will pay you for popular tutorials and you can also sell classes on sites like Udemy too. If you set your own website or blog up as well you can then direct traffic right to you and make money without paying anyone else’s fees too for your material. Think of things you’re good at. Is there anything you think other people would want to learn?

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