5 Ted Talks to Keep You Motivated

work for it - 5 Ted Talks to Keep You Motivated

Failure is inevitable, and every person has a fair share of it in their life. As the cliché saying goes, “Failure is never an option,” one cannot avoid it. Also, we all have days when we’re feeling worn out, and nothing seems to go the right way.

Well, it’s important to get through such hard times and keep yourself on the right track. Ted Talks are a great motivational pill to get through your hard times. We’ve listed down a few Ted talks that’ll put a smile on your face and sow a seed of hope within you.

5 Ted Talks to Keep You Motivated

Rives: The Museum of Four in the Morning

As the title suggests, the speaker is obsessed with the idea of 4 am in the morning. Tom Rives is a performance artist and storyteller that’ll take you on an intriguing journey about the fantastic wonders of 4 am. Yes, you read that right, 4 am time. The speaker puts forward various media and pops cultural references. You’ll be slightly confused in the beginning, however, hang in there as the ending would leave you speechless.

Purdy: Living Beyond Limits

If you’re feeling terrible about yourself and have started developing feelings of hatred for yourself, you should give this ted talk a watch. Amy Purdy is an adventurous person that loves skateboarding and traveling. However, she lost both her legs below the knee in an unfortunate accident. This accident didn’t stop her pursuing her passions. Her beautiful life story will certainly give you motivation. As Amy says, my legs haven’t disabled me, but rather they have enabled me.

5 Ted Talks to Keep You Motivated

Gilbert – Your Elusive Creative Genius

Elizabeth Gilbert challenges our concept of a genius which most of us preach quite shamelessly. She says that people shouldn’t be considered geniuses but rather they should be termed as “vessels for genius.” So if you’re someone that feels creatively bound and restricted, you should definitely give this talk a watch. She supports her theory by giving various real-life examples. After watching her talk, you’ll certainly feel more optimistic about your abilities and capabilities as a person.

Pasricha – The 3 As of Awesome

Author of an amazing award-winning blog, Neil Pasricha gives his secrets of happiness to us. The talk takes an unexpected turn in the middle which will certainly make you feel awesome. Pasricha shares his philosophy on life and motivates the audience. It’s not possible to finish watching this talk without feeling much more confident about yourself.

Whitacre – A virtual choir 2000 voices strong

Following a very unusual dream, Eric Whitacre called on random people from around the world to send in their recordings. He dreamt of leading a virtual choir, and that put an exciting idea on him. The end product is a masterpiece along with the story that followed the video. So if you’re feeling lonely, then this Ted talk will help you quite a lot.

Watching the above Ted talks will help you gain an insight into yourself and the world around you. It’ll give you the motivation to pass through the hard times with courage and valor.

5 Ted Talks to Keep You Motivated

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