The NEW American Dream: Tiny Home Living

This NEW old Trend is back and better than ever.

We’ve all been there. Tiny Home Living. Whether it’s a room in your parents’ house. A dorm room. Your first studio apartment. A small apartment you share with your roommate or spouse. We’ve all experienced it.

Somewhere between being broke – there and now having some money – living lavishly where they are. They realize the benefits they once did have.

Many Americans who have the American Dream home are actually trading down, minimizing and leading a more simple life.

There is a stigmatism to those that are not in the know. Believing that owning a Tiny Home means they should be in a Cape Cod Home if a permanent structure or a Boxy Trailer if a Mobile Home.

The truth is that for these Americans, the idea of having a smaller, neater home will free up their time and their wallets.

Whether it is a 300 sq ft up to 1800 sq ft space you are looking for, there are mobile and modular homes being made – that are affordable, can be placed anywhere and offer all the modern luxuries you’re used to. (On a much smaller scale).

With prices starting at $30,000. These homes are perfect for those looking to save money, have more time & freedom for adventures or are ready to settle in for early retirement.

These are some of the cutest little cottages on the market today:

Not only are these Modular Homes cute on the outside but are adorable on the inside!



These Homes can be ordered with Custom features and finishes and can be delivered to anywhere you need it. First, find the style you like from the exterior. Then find a Dealer near you. Then you can review the specs, floor plan, and options available, along with pricing. Depending on where you live, you may need special features (hurricane proof, flood proof, etc.). Permits, Insurance, and Land is required, so keep that in mind. Your Dealer will help you prepare all the necessary arrangements.

With a little creativity and imagination, you too can live the Tiny American Dream.

Add a little fence, some flowers, landscaping – don’t forget the Barbecue and some Friends and Family!

Of course, if you opt for Tiny Living, you will need to source and find solutions for your tiny rooms. Such as this Mirror TV! Read:

Photos Courtesy of BHG


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