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Love Crisis & Career Improvements

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We all know that planet Venus represents pleasure, love, pure joy and little, but valuable things in our lives, including everything from chocolates to diamonds.

Planet Uranus is placed in completely another part of astrology books.

First of all, this is so called the “new” or “outer” planet. It’s considered as the higher octave of Mars, something like the Mars on steroids and Vedic tradition announced discovery of this planet under the name of Prajapati – lord of creatures and protector. And as such, he is prone to many changes and innovations.

Uranus also has some similarity with North Node of the Moon, Rahu, which is the most famous celestial figure when it comes to all sudden things or events, breakthroughs and speed.

From this point you can guess how compatible he is enjoying one chocolate during something sudden or fast. Well, it’s not… Not at all.

Thunder Strike – Venus square Uranus

This is the main problem when it comes to tense astrological aspects between Venus and Uranus. And this can be experienced the most and in the hardest way possible if someone is born with this aspect or the transiting Uranus tortures someone’s natal Venus for approximately one to two years at some point in this person’s life.

The outcome will depend on house placements of those planets and other sensitive points in your chart, but the general meaning is frustration. Person could meet other people through social media or online contacts, but none of them will show as compatible. Many people could try to be rude or hard on this person and in most of the times, person will have frequent but fruitless relationships with non-available people. In the best case scenario someone will meet the person who is divorced and works in IT industry or aviation. Their first encounter will be fast… and furious and the later part of relationship will be interrupted with working obligations or frequent travels.

In the worst case scenario, person will meet someone who is not available and their relationship will end up as an affair, even scandal and at least one heart will be broken.

Throughout the middle of January planet Venus will shortly square Uranus and this will mean the clash of the ego and romantic desires or plans related to commitment for the future. Luckily for all of us, this tense situation will last just for the next few days and after you’ve seen the thunder strike hitting your favorite chocolate cake, marriage or plan for the “happy ever after” you will be able to reassess an redirect your goals, mainly in the areas of love, and start again.

Your Future is within Sky’s reach.  To see how these Aspects affect you personally or for personal testing of my astrological skills I’ve made this week’s You Tube video, so check if my predictions can resonate with you.

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Love Crisis and Career Improvements

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