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Tips to create or find a beautiful and affordable Halloween costume

Halloween is a night of wonder and mystery, when you can be anything you want and feel awesome about it. You make the magic happen.

But, you don’t need to buy an expensive costume or resort to a foil-covered robot box. With a little creativity and know-how, you can rock a costume that’s as beautiful as you.

• Mask: Whether you’re going for a sexy cat or mysterious masquerader, you can find a cheap, basic mask at any craft store. Dress it up with your own touches, such as gems, feathers or beads. Touch up your eyes with matching make-up, and you’ll have a smoky look that’s impossible to ignore.

• Hair: Although you may miss talking to your hairdresser at the salon, there’s no need for an expensive visit. You can get amazing locks with some time, patience and YouTube. Their videos aren’t just limited to fixing washing machines or silly cat compilations. There are a ton of how-to’s for anyone wanting to learn extravagant braids, upsweeps, pompadours and more. Whether you’re going for a glamorous ‘40s ‘do or giant ‘80s rock star hair, you can find a video to teach you how. And, if you’re going for a new color, remember that every supermarket carries temporary hair dye during the Halloween season. Many of them also have sales on related items during the last part of September, first part of October and immediately after Halloween (it’s never too soon to prep for next year!)

• Clothes: Although bagged costumes from retailers are convenient, they’re also expensive – and not very unique. Check your closet for anything that matches your idea. Perhaps a new and unusual combination of your own clothes will do the trick, such as a long flowing skirt and shawl to start your gypsy gear. If not, visit some secondhand shops to find the pieces you’re missing. Think gently-used ball gowns, suits, mini-skirts, tie-dyes, cat suits and more.

• Accessories: Chances are you already have the perfect jewelry, hats, scarves and shoes to accent your costume. If not, spend a few moments raiding a friend’s closet or the thrift/dollar stores. If you’re crafty, you can use your own supplies to make something new, like a strand of love beads or a tie-dyed bandanna for your inner hippie.

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