Top 12 Early Retirement Tips

Top12 - Top 12 Early Retirement Tips

Here are our Top 12 Best Suggestions for Early Retirement.

Top 12 Early Retirement Tips

  1. Create a Plan. Set milestone goals for your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.
  2. Set Goals and a Budget. Create an outline for each phase of your life. Keep a Journal and Track your Budget vs. Actual to accurately monitor your progress.
  3. Cut Expenses. Don’t spend more than you have to on housing. Clip coupons or use coupon codes. Reduce your expenses. Pack your own lunch and make your own coffee. Join Buyer’s Clubs.
  4. Control your Impulses. Sure there will be times you’re saving up for that work suit or handbag, but catch yourself when you’re on line holding a pile of things that weren’t on your “List”.
  5. Earn more Money. Ask for a raise. Get a side hussle going. Tutor, Open an eBay store, Uber, Have a Garage Sale, etc.
  6. Take Advantage of Free Money. Start a 401k with a portion of your Salary. Start early.
  7. Pay off Debt. Stay away from Credit Cards and Pay off Student Loans. Pay only in Cash. What you have, is what you have.
  8. Invest Wisely. Shop Growth Rates. Avoid fee’s and added charges that rack up quickly.
  9. Take Time to Learn Finance. Attend a Course. Study online. Speak with your parents and grandparents. They sacrificed to provide you with a better life. Seek out mentors. Sign up now to AARP and learn from people who are Trying to Retire now, with the state of Economics as they are now in the US. Become an e-Advocate. Sign up to join at American Association of Retired Persons
  10. Comparison Shop. Learn to get a few prices on the Large Purchases you want to make. Choose the best price, quality, time balanced purchases you can.
  11. Invest in your Future. Purchase a House if you can Afford to. The Long Term Equity will provide a large portion of your Early Retirement, whether it be in your 30’s or 50’s!
  12. Lastly, but not Least: Find and Indulge yourself in Hobbies and Leisurely activities. Not only are they Free but they are Beneficial to your Overall Health. Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul. Take a walk on the beach. Bike ride in the park. Workout with friends. Not only will it take your mind off your finances, it will steep new life into your day.

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Top 12 Early Retirement Tips

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