AI is in full effect with Search Engine logic these days.

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Hello my fellow readers, I think it is high time i need to share tips on How you can use Search Engines as a problem solver and information provider.


Search engines are websites that can be used by any user to search for anything they might want to know about. In other words, you can refer to a search engine as a website on the world wide web that uses such programs to locate keywords on other websites.

Most Popular search engine websites are Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and others.

For this article, I will be focusing mainly on the most popular search engine website called GOOGLE.

AI is in full effect with Search Engine logic these days.


Google is one of the most popular search engine used by billions of people across the world.

About 80% of the world relies solemnly on google for information, ideas, research work, job opportunities and the likes.

The main reason they rely on Google is because of its problem solving capability.


Google is a problem solver because it can provide possible solutions to your problem when used most time.

Google can serve as a research portal where you can get any info about any field.

Google provides informative and relevant details from different websites.

Google helps in creating quick and concise information by comparing two or more websites together.

Using Google daily makes you more informed and also gives you knowledge in every niche or field.

AI is in full effect with Search Engine logic these days.


Since Google is now considered as one of the most popular search engine websites, there are ways we can make use of it efficiently and effectively.

It baffles me whenever some people do tell me they are seeking information on the internet and they don’t know how to exploit the information in a clear way.

Do You know that There is no information you are seeking that is not searchable on Google, the problem some usually have is “HOW TO SEARCH FOR THE RELEVANT INFORMATION AND GET THE RIGHT RESULTS. For example, if you are searching for information about a school in a country. You use the right keyword to get the right information.

AI is in full effect with Search Engine logic these days.


Google gives relevant search result based on Keywords

What are keywords?

Keywords are exact words that will enhance the Google search to understand what kind of information you are searching for..

If you are searching for information about an online business.

You type the keyword along with the online business name so that Google can give you the right information you need effectively.

There are many online business but keyword differs in online business search. If you want to search for online business related to bitcoin or cryptocurrency, you type “Cryptocurrency” online business.

The Cryptocurrency is the exact keyword that makes it easy for google to search for relevant information and supply you back with the probable results relating to Cryptocurrency…

Another example is, you want to search information about an exam of a school. What you just need to type on Google search engine is “SAT Exam”. The SAT Exam in quote is the keyword that gives Google the clue and Google will then provides information relating to that particular school of your choice.

From the examples I gave above, you can do the same for other niches you are searching for.

You can be specific – Ask Google What is: ___ Where is____ AI is in full effect with Search Engine logic these days.

I hope this article will at least help you to know the behavior of Google search engine and also assist you on how to use keywords to get relevant information.

In conclusion, I will implore every one of us to start using Search Engines as a problem solver and information provider to get the best of it.

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AI is in full effect with Search Engine logic these days.

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