What is a Life Coach?

Life Coach cover - What is a Life Coach?

What does a Life Coach Do?

It seems that everywhere “coach” jobs are popping up. There’s a coach for your dog, your kids, your business, your motivation, your shopping habits. Life happens to all of us so do we really need someone to tell us how to do better at it? A life coach sounds like a waste of money for people who have more money than sense. After all, don’t we just have to keep breathing to keep living? Life coaching isn’t just about existence, it’s about getting the most out of your existence.

Life coaches help you achieve your potential by either giving you advice, or steering your path in life or business. They use their own expertise to better the client’s life by acting as mentor, even in areas where there wouldn’t normally be one.

What is a Life Coach?

How Does a Life Coach Work?

Usually the client will meet or have phone meetings with their coach 1-5 times a month. These are scheduled and then the client has the option to call or contact the coach between them. It acts as a type of accountability so that the client has to get stuff done or make progress before the next meeting. Many times we’ll take our time on projects because there’s no one pushing us so a life coach acts as that push element. This makes things happen much more quickly than they would on their own, and makes clients aim higher. It also means that they feel pressured to act so they may be more decisive or more assertive.

Life coaches are trained to use motivational speaking and to listen to clients so that they can use the client’s own words and understanding in a way that the client then feels the idea came from themselves. They’re not going to create new ideas, but they will make you look at yours from a different and possibly better angle.

Who Uses a Life Coach?

People who hire life coaches are often seen as being “at the top of their game”, but still want more. These people are already successful but they’re confused about the next step. They want to continue achieving but may feel like they’re in a rut. They may also feel that things are unnecessarily tough because they can’t figure out the “key” and need someone to bounce off of so they understand better. We’re taught by society that struggle and doing it on our own is best, but it also takes longer and is more stressful. So why not take an easier route? Coaches are not therapists, they’re not meant for people who are struggling which is why you can’t become dependent on your life coach. Most clients work with a life coach for about a month, but they may continue after that if they think it’s helping.

What is a Life Coach?

How Much Does Life Coaching Cost?

A life coach can be anywhere from $300-700 a month at the cheapest. Some celebrity coaches charge upwards of $10,000 a month or $500 an hour! It depends on the coach’s skills and background whether they’re doing corporate coaching or personal coaching, and how experienced they are.

What is a Life Coach?

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