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What Your Clothes Say About You

The first thing we notice about people is their clothes. Your clothes say a lot even if you don’t realize it and we tend to judge people based on their fashion choices. The term for this is enclothed cognition and it can actually change the way we behave too.

Social Status

If you dress in t shirts and leggings or yoga pants you may be headed from a workout or you may come across as someone who isn’t bothered or works in a field that isn’t high-flying. On the other hand, a structured skirt, blouse and accessories is more likely to indicate a professional or corporate job.

Dressed for Success

The term is a bit cliché but it’s been shown to be true. Wearing formal clothes puts us into a different frame of mind and we can be more powerful and more driven by wearing formal clothes than wearing comfortable ones. This improves negotiation skills and makes people more likely to listen to you.

Investing in clothes that are good quality and classic styled is a good way of saving money as they will always be in style and can be used in different situations.

Old Clothes

If your sweaters are covered in pills and there’s a few tiny holes in your leggings then even if they’re your favorite and most comfortable you’ll still look like you don’t have the money for better. It’s easy to fall into the trap of wearing the same things over and over but this can affect your mindset too and leave you in a funk. The hobo look only works if your clothes have that “intentionally” distressed look rather than actually being distressed, otherwise you do look like a hobo.

While it might seem thrifty to keep wearing old clothes you’re more likely to get looked down upon for doing so.


We all have that one person that over-accessorizes. They have everything and the kitchen sink on them and every piece they wear is a statement. The effect is that you’re an eyesore and while, indeed, it is eye catching but not in a good way. Outfits like this make you seem like you’re trying too hard or that you’re too scattered to make up your mind. Pick one statement piece or theme (e.g accessories only with a plain outfit). The same thing goes for bright colors, it’s not okay to dress in head to toe neon but one item can work with the rest of the combination being muted.


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