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What’s Old is New again! – Again!

You can thank the 1970’s and 80’s for a Fashion statement that never went off Trend. Those who grew up in those decades knew the style. Classic jeans, a statement shirt and a pair of sneaks or boots. The comfort. The edge. The statement. It was and still is  – Cool.

Now, the younger generations have picked up that Style from their Moms and Pops. The Band T-shirt and Jeans. You see it all over Hollywood on Celeb’s. It’s an easy thing to pulloff.

The Shirt: Select a shirt whether it be a Band or Funny statement you like. Yes, focus on the logo and graphics. Select one that speaks to you. Listen to the music while you dress, it will bring you into character!

The Jeans: Roll with your favorite jeans. Whether they are straight cut, bootleg or rolled up. No mom jeans or acid washed, please! Yes, you can rip them or bleech them. (Grunge) Or if you’re like Kourtney, make the Shirt a Dress for a Hot night out.


The Shoe: A stylish sneaker or boot that’s comfy and looks good. A work boot or suede or leather works. If you don’t have embellishment on your boot, go with a Boot Bracelet. A little Bling goes a long way! You can choose one Bracelet like an anklet or pair them up. Works for men and women.

If you don’t have money in the Budget to buy a new Old Rock Band Shirt, then go with a plain Tee and pair it with a plaid shirt or simple jacket.


Browse our selection and decide for yourself. If you do love the Metal or Rock Band you’re sporting, head over to for Bandcamp and Music and Movie Cult Talk.

Fashion goes in Circles. Whats Old is New Again and then Again! Search for Vintage styles in our Shop or head to a Flea Market or Thrift Store. You can also dig in Dad’s dresser drawers, he’s sure to have a Flashback shirt! They’re collectable!

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