Work from Home-4 Steps to start Online Business in 2018


Happy new year to everyone reading this! What are your new year resolutions in 2018? Do you want to make 2018 your best year? Personally, my answer is a big “YES”.  I want to delve deep into the Online entrepreneurship, create online jobs, create job creators and much more..

With the evolving pace of technology, online entrepreneurship is the next big thing. Personally, I’ve seen people who started their online-based businesses, lifted them off the ground and succeeded. They were not tech geeks. You also needn’t to be.

In today’s post I discuss the steps to follow if you want to create a successful online business and live the life of a digital nomad.

Excited? Keep reading..

STEP 01:

Provide value first; one common mistake that new entrepreneurs make is rushing into earning money without creating value. Research the market, what interests your readers most? Once you find, write quality informative content for them. Solve their problems! That way, they won’t resist buying what you offer to them.

STEP 02:

Write content that sells; writing quality content only is not enough. Make it funny and interesting to read. Craft catchy headlines to grab the attention of your readers. As an entrepreneur, write content that addresses the problems facing your audience. Demonstrate how to solve them in easy steps.

STEP 03:

Create a professional looking website; this is your office, hanging somewhere in the internet. Creating a self-hosted website is one way to define you as a professional who is serious and knows what works. Use simple colors, an appealing theme, make it define you. You can follow this FREE GUIDE on how to start your own blog or website online in 30 minutes or less. I hope it helps.

STEP 04:

Establish yourself as an authority; now that you have your website live and running! The next step is to drive quality traffic to it. As a beginner, before breaking your bank account in marketing campaigns, I advise you to promote it via social media. Today, there are plenty of them with millions of traffic. After settling your budgets you can then go for marketing strategies like pay per click advertising. Turn your website visitors into customers. If they reach you with questions, provide them with best answers. Solve their problems! They will trust and buy your services/products.

Friend, Bill Gates wasn’t kidding when he said; “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”. What you can do today is, start your blog/website and launch your business in it. Then, let’s meet this time next year. You won’t be the same. Trust me!


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